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Publisher's description

NestPlus is a program that allows the user to use a bouquet of investment services, trading advice, news or any other services of their choice. It allows you to view advanced intraday and historical charts on the website itself without the need to have a separate application. This tool can also tell you whether you should be buying/selling/holding a stock.

What's new in version 2.9

- OCX chart director added.
- Moving the INI files to AppData directory.
- Allowing multiple updates in same version.
- Enabling of Strategy id for auto trading in Plus API for MCX exchange.
- Publishing Option calls through Broker monitor.
- Clearing option, research, technical calls.
- Plus API and signal watch not available on NOW.

What's new in version 2.8

- Volume updation issue in higher intervals.
- No sync between 1 min interval chart and other.
- Remove Order type Stop loss from pulse.
disable order slip % option from pulse which is not implemented.
- Removal of S&R lines on plus charts
- Manual exit needs to give a normal order entry window.
- Manual exit needs to give a normal order entry window.
- SL trigger price leads to rejection, indicates trigger price not a multiple of tick size.
- Reducing the nap size.
- Multiple indicators on charts hide LTP.
- Support and Resistance level on Normal view.
- RSI Updation.
- Issue in PULSE add new script window.
- Tool tip vanishes just after 1 second.
- Twitter bar updates in nest/ now terminals.

What's new in version 2.6

-Product Expiry Warning Alerts.
-Dockable window for showing broker calls in a consolidated manner with an option to place or place all.
-Stock IQ Scanner.
-Vantage Trade window in dockable format.
-Add to market watch option for both future option and cash segment.
-Index Matter Place order functionality should place as per call details.
-Free trial for Stocks IQ from 15 days to 7 days.
-Beep sound for all the alerts.
-Implementation of Bracket order Concept in Pulse.
-Preference for the user to change the color for indicator which have multiples lines.
-MCXCMFO charts should divert to broker domain.
-Percentage Play Act on call functionality required.
-Default price display of resistance and support level on chart panel.
Issue Resolved :
-Pulse when price offset is specified, price is not in tick size.
-Pulse exit order should be placed at current close price.
-Pop up while saving the Strategy.

What's new in version 1.5

-Market & SL_M order types removed for pulse & plus api orders
-MCX, MCXSX pulse, plus api Auto placement orders are allowed on exchange approval.

What's new in version 1.3

Issue Resolved :
[17769] Price bar shows in red and not in series color
[17330] Dashboard can not be viewed on successful login of plus
[17322] Now Crash on invoking Write to Excel
[16924] Remove Combo Products from NT Plus Dashboard
[15503] Tick Size not getting checked while using stoploss condition using placeif
[15502] PLACEIF strategy generating 2 orders that ends up creating a fresh position
* option calls to receive from Brokers if starter pack is enabled
* Brokers Strategy should be allowed only for one client
* VolumeBar color changes from prefrence dialog
* Stoploss is not placing at given price in placeif condition strategies
* Transaction type is not reflected in Marketwatch.
* Dashboard will display active products only

New Features:
[17771] Percentage play calls are notified on Marketwatch
[17770] Indian Volatility Option Calls
[17768] SignalMonitor monitoring a file for order updates
[17767] PlusApi for order management which can be used AMI broker
[17766] Brief release notes while updating plus user can decide to upadate or not by the release notes
[17765] Invoke Chart data table from market watch
[17393] Added new product Secured Strategy
[15524] Pop-up required for Vantage Trade Calls
* Show Running scripts is enabled for users who enabled Broker's strategy but not pulse_dealer
* vantage widget
* Showing option calls in Trader
* Clustering menus depends on exe version
* vantage widgets
* In updates Install On Exit option is provided
* Tech Support mail id is updated in banner

Release Date : 27th July 2012

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